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Constellations Solutions:

We are glad that you are here.  Regardless of  how you found us, we believe that at Constellations Solutions you will find some new ways to resolve difficult problems in a way that you may not have heard of before and yet is growing in strength and recognition around the world. 


You may have become stressed because your issues didn’t get resolved with coaching, counselling or any other method that you have tried.


You are not alone.  It’s because some issues need to be handled at the systemic level, which is bigger than just you.  Some problems come from your family system and those other therapies may not work at the level of the system, where the problem is.


If you are like most people, you will have spoken to friends and family first.  Then you might also have read some books, attended some workshops or hired a coach or counsellor.  Coaching and Counselling can be very effective with some issues (we know as we are Coaches and Counsellors ourselves), yet other issues require a different approach.


Have you ever said one of the following:

  • My (mother or father) used to have that problem?
  • Life has always been a struggle in my family?
  • I can’t believe that my husband/wife is just like my parent.
  • I never seem to be able to get ahead?
  • I have the same illness as my (family member).
  • I never seem to feel I belong. I always feel an outsider.
  • I always seem to sabotage my relationships.
  • I can’t seem to make good decisions and my life feels on hold
  • My siblings seem to have the same issues that I do


If any of the above sound like you, then you are describing a systemic problem and it’s no wonder that your efforts to resolve them have not had the result you are looking for.  You have been trying to resolve the issue personally, when the problem has literally been ‘bigger’ than just you.  Family Constellations and Business Constellations not only can reveal the systemic problem, it can also start the process of healing or mending it.  I say start, as constellations keep working for positive change after you leave the session or workshop.  It prompts your unconscious mind to find a suitable solution.


You can do constellations either one-to-one or in a workshop setting. 

Call us and we can discuss which is best for you!


Help with Family and Business Constellations:

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